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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Due to the drastic reduction of commercial flights, and therefore, cargo space, First Class US Postal shipments can take anywhere from 7 to 60 days. If you choose First Class I will not replace your order until it's held for 60 days. If you must have an order immediately choose Priority Mail and I'll ship it UPS, which takes about 3-7 days to the EU lately.

The Hydrophobe is a 255mm water resistant 5" cine quad with a 2mm aluminum mid plate that doubles as a heat sink for your esc and vtx. It has a 3mm bottom carbon plate, 6mm arms, and 1.5 mm top plate. A TPU skirt keeps rain, snow, and dirt out, augment it with sealant to make it as waterproof as possible.

Use nonconductive thermal paste to transfer heat, but don't let bare boards directly contact the aluminum.

The arms have mounting points for floats. I epoxied standoffs in pool noodles for a quick and simple float.

Hero 5-7 or 8 cam mounts are available. The DJI skirt has antenna holders, the Analog/Vista skirt has a 17mm antenna tube. An Immortal T holder is also available to screw on to the top plate.

An extra long strap is included with the kit, wrap it around the entire frame when mounting the battery. Don't use a short strap looped around the outside of the tabs, that part is not meant for that amount of stress.

Read more about it here.

You can print your own parts here

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