$ 42.00

Booboo is a 250 size bamboo quadcopter frame, assembled like a 3d puzzle without glue or hardware. Booboo is cute and adorable, and its non threatening aesthetics are perfect for interactions with the general public. While Booboo is very stiff and flies no differently than a racing mini, it is less crash resistant than carbon or G10 frames, so shred at your own peril.

Kit includes the top, bottom, sides, front, back, landing skids, and 16 M3x8 screws. Frame weight 126 grams.

Read about its design here, build instructions here.

If you're shopping for components for a build go to Rotorgeeks where you can pick up a frame and parts at the same time. 

Note to international customers: Shopify's international rates are less competitive, I can generally get a lower rate elsewhere. I will refund you the difference immediately.



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