Thicc 2.0

$ 120.00

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Thicc is a 390mm 7" X8 made to carry larger cameras like the Black Magic Pocket. The camera mounts with a 1/4-20 screw and straps. 

Arms are 8mm carbon, main body plates are 2.5mm, bottom plate is 3mm. With 2 spots for 30x30 fc stacks, standoff height is 20mm. Feel free to request 25 or 30mm standoffs instead.

Recommended build uses 2 4-in-1 esc's, the Lumenier Lux7, and Brotherhobby 2806.5 1300kv's. 

Full kit includes printed parts: landing gear, fpv cam mount, and cam mount dampers (both versions pictured). The DJI version also includes a sleeve for the air unit and antenna mounts. 

You can print your own parts here.

Read more about it here.

Thicc 2.0 is a longer deadcat layout with superior flying characteristics to the original. 

The hardware pack contains:

16 m3x7, upper motors

16 m3x5, lower motors

8 m3x16 and 8 locknuts, motor mounts

12 m3x25 and 24 locknuts, arms and legs

14 m3x9, main body

10 m3x12, 10 washers, 8 locknuts, dampers

8 m3x20 standoffs

1 1/4-20 knob for camera

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