$ 95.00

Ichabod is the perfect GoPro Hero 5 or 6 carrier, designed for shooting smooth acro video. 10x10mm arms are strong and block little of the prop circle for maximum efficiency. The top plate is 2mm, bottom plate 3mm.

Cam mounts are also available for the Session and the Fusion. Note that the Hero and Session mounts take HS1177 form factor cams, while the Fusion mount takes micro cams.

Ichabod is designed for 6" props and 4 in 1 esc's. Frame weight with cam mount is 222 g. Cam mount and arm guards are included, or you can print your own, files are here. Printed parts are black, leave a note if you want it in another color.

Thanks to Gab707 for inspiring this frame.

Read about it here.

Test video by Randy Slavin.




ichabod test SD from Andy Shen on Vimeo.


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